Monday, July 5, 2010

Protocol of History - Jesse Mitchell - Open Salon

Protocol of History - Jesse Mitchell : "Protocol of History

This is the beginning, where at first it starts
Where the mouth opens
And widens.
When newborn sound blasts out
Shatters silence
And terrible echo fills the void
And the tears the hidden parts away
From the old secrets, left veiled.
The tiny lights, tiny little lights emerge
Tiny lights shine radiance out
Into the dark.
And shadow
and shade
Plait together
And lace into the glow
High in the cloud battered sky
And the
Swollen rain burns
Into soft
And misty soil.
This is the beginning.
Where we
Weave the all long-haunting ghosts in with the
Threads of breeze that have long-tormented
the flush fiery flesh
And burning bone of passionate man.
And we will let the wind come up
And lift what remains
Of fog and haze
And icy and thunder
And never and
Black black dead of night.
In places of miseries,
new accords
And tiny lights
Bringing forth
And warmth
And rest,
And melting aways
And mending togethers
And mergings
And this is a beginnings.
This is the beginning."

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