Monday, July 5, 2010

The Dark Green - Jesse Mitchell - Open Salon

The Dark Green - Jesse Mitchell: "The Dark Green

The girl in the Edward Hopper painting began to breathe. I could see her chest moving, swelling in the yellow green sweater. She looked me right in the eyes, as I lie there, prone, not awake but neither dreaming. The smoke stumbled around my head, falling in places, flying up high in the air…just following the breeze. My eyes hot and watery. I lost myself in imagination. A new Utopia ruled by Angela Davis and Paul Newman…Steve McQueen and Carlos and Smith, fists in the air…a new strange land filled with Cuban heel boots and snap-brim hats and lunar powered neon filled lights that burn all night long. Flashing and glinting in the pale powered bright reflections…moving like waves on the water. The coffee is always strong and they always serve it hot. The new Utopia perfect and real and whole and put together by angelic hands above the seas and mountains…fit together with grace and light…placed gently down…down…down on the ever-slopping and fading ground…for you and me. Time gets by me…gets away from me. A thousand faces inhabit one thousand places…all in the very same moment. The dirty dust of slipping memory…quiet like minutes passing…minutes falling off…dying…blending into each other. The time gets away from me. I lie watching, prone, not sleeping…not awake. The moments when good is much much better than perfect. A new Utopia in my head. A new heaven in my eyes. Smiling back at the girl in the Hopper paining…she is breathing…I can see her chest moving in and out."

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